Help Desk

Recommended Computer Settings

  • Computer Recommendations

    For optimal experience when viewing our courses, we suggest the following minimum system requirements:

    • Windows Vista, Windows 7 or higher
    • Mac OS X version 10.6 and higher
    • Intel Pentium processor or equivalent
    • 4gb RAM or more
    • 1024x768 screen resolution or higher

    Our courses will run on a variety of web browsers, but we strongly urge you to upgrade your browser of choice to the most recent version available. These upgrades are free and take only a minute to install.

    We currently support the following browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 11 and higher
    • Firefox 26 and higher
    • Safari 5 and higher
    • Google Chrome 33 and higher

    A high speed Internet connection is recommended when accessing our online courses, but is not required.

  • What should I do if I realize I registered and paid for the wrong course?

    Please contact us with your name, a daytime phone number, and the corrected class type needed. Someone will contact you as soon as possible with details on what to do. Note: You will not receive a refund if you have started the course.

  • Viewing on Mobile Devices

    All courses have been developed to be compatible with all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices. For an optimal experience, we recommend that courses be taken using a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

    Please be aware that the hardware in mobile devices and tablets are significantly different than the hardware in your computer. These courses may run slightly slower than expected.