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Officiating Soccer: Pre-Game Conference for Officials

Officiating Soccer: Pre-Game Conference for Officials

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Officiating Soccer: Pre-Game Conference for Officials

The game of soccer is fast-paced, almost non-stop and played on a very large field. To be successful the officials must be observant, working in concert and as prepared as possible. That’s why the NFHS has developed the course Pre-game Conference for Soccer Officials. Here you’ll learn the importance of communicating in advance, how to conduct a pre-game conference, procedures for field inspections and more. Take the steps needed to make yourself and your officiating team the best possible.   Take the course, Pre-Game Conference for Soccer Officials, right here at the NFHS Learning Center.

National Certification

The NFHS Coach Certification Program is a national professional credential offered to individuals who are currently coaching or aspire to coach at the interscholastic level.

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Fundamentals of Coaching and First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches provide coaches with content from all eight domains contained in the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NASPE 2006). These two courses form the foundation from which all elective courses and sport-specific courses are developed. Core courses should be completed first to give the coach a better understanding of elective and sport-specific courses.

First Aid, Health and Safety

Fundamentals of Coaching