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Middle School

NFHS National Middle School Coaching Credential

The NFHS Learning Center offers a national middle school coaching credential that helps you gain knowledge you can use to provide a fun, educational, and a safer environment for your middle school students.
This national credential was developed for individuals who are currently coaching or aspire to coach at the middle school level. The goal is to enhance the ability of the coach to better serve students, the school, the community, and the profession of coaching.

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The Parent Seat: Beyond the Scoreboard
Education Parent Education
The Parent Seat
Education Parent Education
The Parent Seat: A Lasting Relationship
Education Parent Education

Cognia Accreditation

The NFHS is an accredited institution by Cognia and exceeds the same high standards that are expected from schools across the country.

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Why Coaches take NFHSLearn Courses


Improve the learning experience and skill development of the students who participate


Receive a certificate that signifies completion of content covering critical topics


School district and parents will know that you are educated about the legal responsibilities associated with coaching at the interscholastic level


Receive a sense of pride and professional pride by completing nationally recognized coursework and certifications

Skill Building

Learners at any level of proficiency can improve key skills

Health & Safety

Reminders and key information on critical health and safety topics to help keep students as safe as possible


Learning about or improving on guidelines and standards is a key to continued success


Self-paced, online learning that you can learn from anywhere on any device

Join the NFHS Coaches Association

The mission of the NFHS Coaches Association is to enhance the professional development of all interscholastic sport coaches, including middle school coaches, in order to improve interscholastic athletics in America.

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