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Interscholastic Officiating

NFHS Core Course


In the NFHS Interscholastic Officiating course, we will cover the introductory skills and concepts you have used or will need to learn as an official.  We’ll cover officiating basics, the Science behind good Officiating, the art of officiating, and how you can combine these skills into a satisfying vocation.  We hope the content we provide gives you a solid base knowledge of what to expect and how to improve yourself as an official.

Course Outline

Course comes with

  • 1. Introduction
    3 Sections
    • NFHS Introduction
    • Course Objectives
    • Course Contents
  • 2. Objectives
    9 Sections
    • Objectives
    • Why Become an Official?
    • Commitment
    • Rewards and Satisfaction
    • The High School Environment
    • NFHS Belief
    • Ethics and Integrity
    • Don't be a "Homer"
    • The Role of the Official
  • 3. The Science of Officiating ...
    11 Sections
    • The Science of Officiating a Contest
    • The "Hard Skills"
    • The Rules
    • A Constant Learning Experience
    • NFHS Case Books
    • Mechanics
    • Importance of Signals
    • Your Mechanics
    • Mechanics Video
    • Nuances
    • Fitness and Conditioning
  • 4. The Art of Officiating a Co...
    20 Sections
    • The Art of Officiating a Contest
    • Objectives
    • Game Speed Decisions
    • Rhythm, Focus and Partners
    • Communication Objectives
    • Communication
    • The Parts of Communication
    • Sending Messages
    • Communication Breakdowns
    • Communication Styles
    • Develop a Cooperative Approach
    • Verbal Communication with Coaches
    • Nonverbal Tips
    • Nonverbal Communication
    • Communication with Players
    • Effective Communication with Partners
    • Effective Communication with Others
    • Managing Difficult Situations
    • Signs of High Emotions
    • Resolving Conflict
  • 5. Balance
    8 Sections
    • Balance
    • Objectives
    • Obtaining a Schedule
    • Professionalism
    • Keeping Organized
    • Support
    • Professional Development
    • Gaining Experience
  • 6. Conclusion
    2 Sections
    • Course Quiz
    • Congratulations

This Course Includes

  • Approved for 3 Clock Hours
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Additional Resources

Cognia Accreditation

The NFHS is an accredited institution by Cognia and exceeds the same high standards that are expected from schools across the country.

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This national credential was developed for individuals who are currently coaching or aspire to coach at the interscholastic level. The goal is to enhance the ability of the coach to better serve students, the school, the community, and the profession of coaching.

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