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Officiating Field Hockey

Sport Specific Course


High School Field Hockey is a fast-paced game with unique and exacting rules. It’s played on a field that is 60 yards wide by 100 yards long and is officiated by only two umpires. For these and other important reasons, the NFHS has developed the course, Officiating Field Hockey. As a companion to the NFHS Field Hockey Rules book and your State Association’s guidance and support materials, this course introduces you to, describes and explains the basics you’ll need as a new field hockey official. You’ll learn the necessities for every umpire including equipment and uniforms. You will study the necessary signals to be called and strategies for positioning during the games. And you’ll focus on what it takes to keep players safe and injury-free.

If you are a new field hockey official then you need to take the course: Officiating Field Hockey.   Available on

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