The Parent Seat

"The Parent Seat" has been designed for coaches and athletic directors to use during their pre-season parent meetings. It explains the role of a parent during game day and provides suggestions on how they can cope with the roller coaster of emotions that they will feel. Feel free to download the video and use it in your presentation! It may take a take a minute or two to download.

You can download an additional, printable handout for The Parent Seat here.


  • Joe Hepperle

    7 days ago

    Weak Sauce. The 'bad parent example', on his feet in the stands, and angrily yelling down at the referee -- yelling at the absolute top of his voice -- "That's a BullShit call !!! That's a BullShit call !!!" -- will NEVER know from this video that it is He whom you are addressing here. Clearly NFHS is clueless about how these 'bad parenting examples' think. In the minds of these bad apples, there is a SECOND half that goes with the phrase: Be respectfull to Coaches, players, and Officials. The bad apple says to himself, "They aren't talking about me because I AM respectful to the Coaches---as long as they call the 'right' play. I AM respectful to the players---as long as they execute the play the way I think it should have been played. I AM respectful to the Officials--- unless they are making the wrong calls, as viewed from my seat here in the stands." Additionally, the narrator sounds like a nice person. But the tenor of the voice narration does not seem to be one that would command the respect of the typical 'Barroom Brawler' type of the 'bad parent example'. This is my opinion -- for what it is worth.
  • Brittney Reed

    7 months ago

    Very true